Sunday, August 24, 2008

Temple Cultural Youth Celebration

Amanda and Joey participated in the Youth Cultural Celebration (YCC) last night in honor of the Twin Falls Temple dedication this weekend. After 5 long months of practices, all the hard work paid huge dividends with a spectacular show performed by 3,000 youth from 14 stakes in the TF temple district for Pres. Monson, Pres Eyring, Elder Cook and others. For me, it was a spiritually uplifting, exilerating experience that I will never forget. There is no doubt that the Lord has placed a living prophet on the earth today and that we have temples to bring our families together forever. I loved watching all the youth throughout all the practices and especially during the long two days at the performance. They were all excited and did a great job in the three dress rehearsals we had starting Friday night through Sat afternoon. (Those were the first and only practices we had with the entire 14 stake cast together - I do believe in miracles; we witnessed one last night). But when the final performance finally came and they saw the prophet come in the arena, the youth definitely "kicked it up a notch"! They had never been so quiet as they were when the prophet came in. They were so excited as they came off the stage - many had tears in their eyes and I heard over and over "that was AWESOME!" or "that was SO COOL!". Even the biggest, proudest, toughest boys were melted by the powerful spirit in the program. Here are a few snapshots I took last night. They don't do it justice, but hopefully give a flavor of the scene. Hopefully, in a few months we will be getting a professional DVD by Bonneville productions.

Everyone's played Where's Waldo - try "Where's Joey":
Pres Monson arriving!
Pres Monson speaking to the kids. (Amanda and Joey are right in front of him within a few feet)
The opening number "Living Waters":

Amanda on waiting on stage.
Joey on stage:

Amanda and her Two-step partner in their final pose: Joey and his partner pracitcing: During the closing number "Carry On"